STEAME  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Entrepreneurship.) It’s a training program meant to equip learners with skills needed to succeed in the 21st century workforce and as entrepreneurs who can lead to an increase in productivity & drive economic growth.

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The 4 Cs of 21st Century skills are:

  • Critical thinking – the ability to solve problems, design projects, and make effective decisions through different tools and resources
  • Communication – sharing thoughts, ideas and asking questions
  • Collaboration – Working in teams, learning from others, and then contributing to their work, and demonstrating empathy to the work with diverse groups.
  • Creativity and Innovation – Trying new approaches to solve problems.

The Innovators STEAME Boot Camp is a 1 week camp where the students are equipped with these important skills through partaking in various hands-on activities, including: computer programming, animation and game design, smart home design using sensors and electronics, art and entrepreneurship activities.

Through the boot camp, young learners get exposed to STEAME in an exciting and fun way. At the end of the learning period, the students will be issued with certificates for their participation in the program.



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